Below you will find a listing (with links) of the various dance associations and festivals around the country as well as one international organization.


Unique Opportunity for Live Zydeco in Birmingham on October 22

Curley and Zydeco Trouble are coming to Birmingham. They will be playing from 1 to 4 PM on October 22. For $25 Curley will be playing and a BBQ dinner is part of the package. The catch – 40 tickets must be sold by September 7, 2023. Contact Marty Brill at 205-335-5871 or 205-335-8871. He will accept VENMO, checks or cash. I plan to be there. Maybe we can put together a car pool to go there???


Our Lady of Lourdes
980 Huffman Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35215


Birmingham Cajun Zydeco Association
Florida Cajun Zydeco


Cajun French Music Association Baton Rouge


NYC. Let’s Zydeco!
Philadelphia: Allons Danser
Westchester: Somebody Scream NY


Festivals Acadiens et Créoles – Lafayette, LA – 2nd weekend of October
Festival International de Louisiane – Lafayette, LA – April
Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival – New Orleans, LA – June
Rhythm and Roots – Charlestown, RI – 1st weekend in September
Strawberry Park Cajun Zydeco Festival – Preston, CT – June



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